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Heart is strong and delicate all at the same time. But after you fall in love and end up being broken then it’s not delicate it is at it’s fragile best. The dilemma grows more when you fall in love with words, with poetry. Every broken piece of your heart bleed golden sparkling words like a confite. One broken part is so tired of being shattered that it wants to heal, it wants to feel happiness and life again….it would do anything to get that beauty back. But the other part is so much in love with words and poetry that it doesn’t wants to heal….it wants to keep on bleeding poetry till the last drop of scribbles present in it’s veins. In the dilemma of broken pieces of heart, the soul is suffering…it is at a war of healing and falling apart all at the same time….. Love is dangerous indeed. Love with a human or with words it is surely going to destroy you anyway.

© anchalvats

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inner beauty

You are scared of me
because I embraced 

every scar you gave me

every fault you have found

I overlooked every

standard of beauty

you taught me

and became my own beautiful..

You suppressed my courage

by taunting me

that inner beauty 

is all for the fat

because fat is not beautiful,

fat is degraded, 

fat is unlovable,

fat is rejected,

fat is untouchable,

fat possess no beauty.

Thin is the eternal beauty

you considered.

You killed me, 

killed me inside

I breath your toxic mindset

Your words poisoned my happiness

You stood on my heart

You sucked the life out of my soul

Inner beauty is a myth created for fat, to make them feel better about about themselves.

But poor they,

Who can’t understand the reality, for they are just mere puppets of the shammers they will be used well and will be played wise for the satisfaction of their cruel mind.

© anchalvats

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i am heavy 

Whenever I say i am heavy”  people tend to relate it with my weight, it’s funny how everyone got the eyes but still they are so blind to see anything and they just fail to see beyond physical appearance of an individual and pity on them.

Yes, I am heavy, but not because of my body weight but only because of the weight of my dead soul”, “dying dreams”, “breathless emotions”, “rotten desires”. I am carrying broken pieces of my heart within me and surprisingly it’s not bleeding sadness it’s bleeding pure hatred for each and every single person who is the reason behind this “chronicles of death” .

I often heard people saying you understand or feel pain that deeply because you have been in love I guess this is partly true and incomplete. As reality is a little different or maybe there is more to the reality we believe. You feel pain because you loved, you had dreams, you expected, you believed, you desired to achieve something and that certainly didn’t happen.

I find it utterly funny when people ask not to expect anything from others and you will not end up being disappointed and hurt and lost.

I am like dude if  you are not expecting anything from the world in my opinion you are not human 

Whether you have reached​ to the stage of Moksha/Nirvana/enlightment.

Or the other case is which I believe is absolutely correct that you are lying to everybody and most importantly to yourself. Well lying is fine, it is a part of our lives. I think now-a-days it’s pretty much impossible to function and survive in this world without lying, it has become that integral part of our life. You know everybody is struggling to survive in this demonic world only few got real hearts,emotions but this labyrinth of lying and ignorance is not going to take you too far  but instead will lead you to depression which is actually is not a trap it is a cyclone which is gonna end only after your destruction​; and if you wanna get out of this cyclone, if you wanna survive. Than I believe you have to choose one thing from them in my opinion these two are the only way to fight and conquer this war of isolation.

* Let the pain out; help your soul to breath a little and it might stand a chance to survive.

* Burry that pain in your heart itself in a way that it does not bother you any further in your life and became a hurdle to the way to your brighter future.

Personally I recommend everyone to apply the formula of letting the pain out; because I don’t think everybody is able to bury the demon.

So now the question arrives is that 

“How am I supposed to go to someone and let it out I have trust issues that is the only reason I’m in depression”

Correct for that writing is a good option until your trust recovers.

Anyway, I leave it completely up to you people to choose your path . No matter what path you choose both are going to lead you out of this dark haunting self isolated situation. And I will be the most happy person to see you all getting out of the claws of this demonic darkness.

Now, the other thing that I personally find absolute rubbish is when people say not to judge people on the basis of cast, gender, physical appearance etc. etc. kinda nonsense 

But, But, But, But……my dear……

When the same people judged me on the same basis everybody gone dumb, blind and deaf I

It really stings me when they argue on some pitty logics like “ohh… girl you don’t know what fight they are fighting, you ain’t got any right to talk like that with them” 

“As if you or your so called utterly sensitive pearl knew what war was/is going on inside my heart and mind and my life”

I believe you people and your sensitive pearl know everything specially who is fighting what because you people are full of sensitivity for everybody except me (LOL).

So, if they are that sensitive and they understand everything and don’t wanna be judged than they should have also known my pain, my agony and should have not pointed towards me. As my defense is too meen for the (pearls) to handel (LOL) 

Yelling at the top of their lungs that they are too sensitive (crap) is not gonna change anything.

You know when I was in school I uesd to believe or to put it more correctly I was taught that blind people are those who are unable to see anything but only when I saw the real world I got to know blindness is just not associated with eyes; but it has grown to their brain, heart,soul everywhere. It has infected there whole function.

“So,next time don’t you dare to teach me what should I say ; I don’t know what other person is fighting with in their life because if they knew that pain and burden they would have not judged me on the basis of my cast, religion,color,size, etc.etc. 

And it is really disheartening to see people running out of emotions and sensitivity. It’s like they want to have all the good qualities but end up choosing the degraded the wrong product and then brag out it’s defects it possess.

Some people need to shut their mouth as their brain has rotten enough not to understand anything. So they should keep their mouth too shut because the tongue is also not speaking any good just spitting out some rotten stereotype out of their mouth. Just showcasing their degraded mindset.


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What is love?

“What is love?”

It is an un answered question; which has a lot of answers though.

It has different meaning to everyone and it differs according to person you are in love with; your relationship with them decides the meaning and intensity of the love. 

Love is a catagorized emotion…

It can be shallow.

It can be deep.

It can be firm.

It can rough.

It can be dishonest.

It can be blind.

It can be logical.

It can be ill logical off course (hahaha).

It can be conditional.

It can be unconditional ( haha…we associate it with parents/family, but you never know).

And it can be many more things too.

 The thing I’m completely unable to understand is…..

When people compare the love of family/parents to that of with a lovers love.

I mean, are these people nuts? 

How can they compare there love?

 there love has different meaning, different way of showing.

Think it in this you can not go to your parents and expect or demand a lovers love .

The same way you can not go to your lover/partner and ask him/her for mother’s love or a father’s​ support and that kinda love.

I really wish people first clear there concept of love and than compare love, but in reality I don’t think love is needs to be compared. It is a diverse feeling which just need to felt and not compared .

Hope, some day people understand and stop fuling the fire already there in between families and lover and anyone who is suffering from this kind of comparison.

© anchalvats


Sometimes, it is better not to know the truth as you never know the truth may defy your present reality and it may ruine your present and future as well. Everybody have there own truth and it may not suite everyone. So it’s better to live your own truth and let others live their. Truth is diverse, it have different colors, different meaning, different justifications, just let it be. Live your own truth don’t bother about other’s truth. The right one for you will follow the path toreach you. You just need to keep your heart and mind open to let yourself submerge in you.

© anchalvats


Everybody wants to 

get rid of there soreness,

but they find there 

tranquility in that 

soreness itself,

by turning it into an art.

© anchalvats